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Eli Cummings

I have been involved with the farming community for the past 17 years. Born and bred in South Canterbury, I started shearing as a young school leaver and built up an excellent reputation with my fine clean style, producing a finished product the farmers liked to see.

I have also enjoyed taking part in many shearing competitions, relishing the challenge to bring home many ribbons & trophies while also playing over 100 games of rugby for the Pleasant Point Senior team. I'm also a keen fisherman and enjoy hunting too.

In the off-seasons I traveled abroad with my handpiece and have worked in Australia, USA  and the UK. 


Goal Setter

I have always set goals, and planned out how to achieve them.

  • In 2008 I shore my personal best, shearing 703 no belly ewes in a 9-hour day.

  • Then in 2011 at Mt Somers Station I smashed the record, becoming the 1st person to shear more than 800 no belly ewes in a 9-hour day. I shore 810.

This involved months of training, running, cycling, fitness regime and diet. I would leave for work early in the morning, either run or cycle part way and the shearing gang would pick me up along the way. The same happened after work, the gang would stay and have a few beers and I would set off again and be picked by my workmates on the way home.


How & why I became involved
with dairy farm effluent ponds

Eli Cummings

Now thinking more of my health & body and trying to avoid the inevitable shearers' back syndrome I have been looking for an opportunity to move away from shearing but still maintain a connection with the rural sector.

This opportunity presented itself when Gerard Zandbergen was selling his effluent pond pumping business to pursue other interests.

The concept of this business really appealed to me, and despite working with a different end product, I am still working within the farming sector. After having a good chat with Gerard I decided I was up for another challenge and bought the effluent pond business.

Working in an area I knew little about to begin with has not deterred me as I have spent a lot of time with Gerard learning the ropes and how to operate the equipment.

Although there is always room for improvement in an ever-changing environment I feel confident that I have mastered the system enough to provide a very professional service to the Dairy Farmer.

I am confident too, that just as with my shearing I can provide a good honest service that will be known as a necessary part of dairy farming.

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