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Effluent Irrigating & Spreading

fertilize your farm evenly

There is no point spending the time and money setting up your effluent system if you do not have the best way of distributing the effluent back into your land.

As with all the Effluent Pond Systems equipment and products, we have taken the time to research dairy farmer's requirements and to come up with what we believe is the most cost effective effluent irrigator currently available.

Effluent Spreader.

Our new irrigator provides a much more even spread of effuent on the ground. This means you can get 'better and more even pasture growth', make better use of the fertilizer applied to ensure consistent digestion of dry matter, helping to remove the pasture's effluent stink from the next grazing round.


  • Spread effluent up to 1 kilometer from the pond.
  • Our machine can move 90,000 litres an hour on to your pastures
  • Our self travelling irrigator spreads the effluent evenly on the pastures.
  • Consistent overlapped output
  • Able to  apply effluent at a very low rate 
  • Multiple passes in a season are a viable option
  • Low maintenance

If you still want to learn more, please contact us and we will be only too happy to answer your questions.


Muck Spreading

We have recently purchased a modern purpose-built HI-Spec MUCK SPREADER from Ireland that can deliver your effluent as fertilizer accurately back onto your farm at the recommended levels.

The spreading width of the machine is in excess of 16 metres with most materials and thanks to its unique spreading system, we can discharge manure evenly across the full working width.

We can spread anything;

  • Straw from Calf-rearing sheds
  • Stone trap Effluent
  • Feed Pads
  • Weeping Walls
  • Scrapings from Dairy Lanes
  • Piggeries
  • Pond Effluent
  • Compost



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Effluent Irrigator in Action

Hire us for


  • Stirring the pond
  • Testing effluent samples for nutrients
  • Taking on farm soil samples
  • Tested at Hill Laboratories
  • Build into your nutrient budget
  • Spread to paddocks that need nutrients
  • Save on the fertilizer bill

Hire our muck spreader for even results

Two Irrigators for Faster Effluent Spreading

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