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Pond Treatment - Impact Effluent Treatment

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We now use and recommend the Impact Effluent Treatment for our clients because this is an effluent pond treatment unlike any other!

Impact is a unique effluent treatment designed to help you manage your effluent pond by reducing solids buildup and greatly increasing the quality of the effluent coming out of it, all in the most cost effective and practical way possible.


What can you expect from Impact?

  • Solids reduced to as low as 5% of original amount!
  • Almost no pond crusting
  • Virtually no odour
  • Dramatic increase in aerobic microbial activity providing long term benefits
  • Positive effect on pasture with nutrients becoming more plant available
  • Only monthly dosing required

* Results may vary depending on environmental variables

Negative Effects Of Having An Overloaded Anaerobic Effluent Pond

Many ponds function poorly. They become anaerobic, overloaded and cannot cope with the large amount of effluent flowing into them on a daily basis. Numerous symptoms are associated with overloaded ponds:

  • Excessive sludge requiring constant de-sludging.
  • Pond surface crusting and high level of suspended solids.
  • Bad odours emanating from the pond and also when spraying.
  • Long delay from effluent spraying to animals feeding on the pasture.
  • Degraded soil quality and reduced pasture growth and nutritional value.

Large amounts of sludge means constantly having to de-sludge your pond which is costly. This also means that when spraying the liquid onto pasture, the amount of liquid you can pump out is drastically reduced. Odour is also a problem. This is especially true when spraying, and if it is bad it can lead to complaints and possible fines.

Poor quality anaerobic waste applied to pasture can harm the soil microbiology causing a negative effect on soil quality. The outcome can be reduced pasture growth and nutritional value. The full nutrient benefits of the effluent are not realized as they are locked up and not in a form available to plants.

If you still want to learn more, please contact us and we will be only too happy to answer your questions.


Impact's Positive Effects

Typical effluent ponds are dominated by Anaerobic (ciliate) bacteria. They are slow to digest and produce very noxious gasses in their normal metabolic processes.

IMPACT converts (and maintains) the effluent into an Aerobic state, dominated by flagellates (aerobic bacteria). These bacteria can digest up to 12 times faster and do not produce noxious gasses. (This conversion can be verified by lab testing). Once digested, the effluent is non-toxic and can increase the plant available nitrogen up to 300% & the solids are reduced to levels as low as 5% of the original amount.


IMPACT Effluent Treatment Implementation

IMPACT DA activation dose:


  • The pond will first be dosed with an activation dose (IMPACT DA). This initial dose will enable the entire pond to become aerobic, even at depth. This will kick start it into action and will help take care of effluent back log issues. This dose has a one off cost only.
  • You will start to see significant changes to your pond within the first few weeks of the activation dose. The crust should slowly start to disappear as it is digested and large up-wellings should appear on the surface.

IMPACT DM maintenance dosing:

  • After about a month you will be sent a maintenance dose (IMPACT DM). This is a monthly booster dose designed to keep the pond active and able to keep up with the daily incoming effluent.


After the first dose a soft crust may appear on the surface. This is because the bacteria are digesting the previously accumulated solids and causing them to rise. The time this process takes depends on the amount of solids backlog and may last 2 or more months. Once digestion of the backlogged solids is complete the pond will stabilize and its surface will clear up again.


Product Information

IMPACT is a liquid made up of organic compounds and is complete with macro, micro nutrients with trace elements that contribute to the incredible vigor and digestive power of this product.

IMPACT ingredients are naturally occurring in our environment.

IMPACT is very safe. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-caustic, and can even be consumed by human and animals without any detrimental effects.

CAUTION: IMPACT has a short shelf life and it must be used as soon as it is received. If this precaution is not followed damage may occur to the product, lowering its effectiveness.

If the maintenance dose is not continued on a regular monthly basis the pond will slow down and eventually return to it's pre-treatment state. If this happens another activation dose will be required.

DOSING IMPACT is designed to be safe and easy to use. It is biodegradable and only monthly dosing is required.

DOSING METHOD: You will be sent your pre-determined dose on a monthly basis. As soon as you receive the product pour all of it directly into the pond. If the pond has a crust make sure that the product gets underneath it.


Please contact us now and get your Impact effluent treatment programme under way now, saving you $$$$ in no time at all!

Pond treatment over a 4 week period - this photo shows the start

Pond Week 1 Using IMPACT Effluent Treatment

Pond treatment over a 4 week period - this photo shows the middle

Pond Week 2 Using IMPACT Effluent Treatment

Pond treatment over a 4 week period - this photo shows week 4.

Pond Week 4 Using IMPACT Effluent Treatment

effluent pond crust

click photos for better view

Treatment to help break down pond crust.


Management Services

Don't forget that we also provide effluent pond management services, and can give your new season a fresh start.

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  • Mastitis bacteria can live on pasture/soil for up to 6 months
  • Dairy shed detergents have major negative effects on pond digestive bacteria